Usage reccomendation

  • Before first usage:
    The dishes of the Classic, Induction and Discovery lines should be washed with hot water with a soft sponge and detergent, wiped dry and greased with oil on the inner surface.

    During use:
    • select the diameter of the hotplate smaller than the diameter of the base of the cookware you are using. When using cookware on a gas stove, make sure that the flame does not go beyond the bottom of the product;
    • It is recommended to cook at low to medium heat levels: overheating can damage the non-stick coating. To reach higher temperatures, reheat the dishes gradually, because aluminum alloys have the highest thermal conductivity;
    • do not heat the dishes without adding oil or moisture-forming products;
    • to avoid damaging the coating, do not place frozen food in a preheated pan;• products with a plastic handle should be used only on open heating devices and do not use in an oven;
    • cookware with metal handles and borosilicate glass lids with metal handles can be used in the oven;• when using a frying pan with a removable handle in the oven, remove the handle from the product, the rest of the bakelite handle attachment can withstand heating up to 180⁰С;
    • protect the dishes from falling to avoid deformation of the case, damage or chipping of the non-stick coating;• do not cut cooked food in a non-stick pan: the knives will leave deep scratches;
    • darkening and scratches resulting from prolonged use of the dishes do not interfere with their further use, because the basis of the products is a food grade aluminum alloy.

    After usage:
    • Allow the dishes to cool and then wash inside and out with detergent without using metal brushes or abrasive cleaning agents. Use a non-stick dishwashing sponge. These actions will prevent the appearance of carbon deposits on the surface of the products;
    • To wash Induction and Discovery dishwashers in the dishwasher, use detergents with a pH level close to neutral (in the range of 6-8). It is advisable to choose modes with a low temperature (up to 50 C) or an economy mode;
    • Dishes of the "Classic" line are not recommended to be washed in a dishwasher, as the bottom is not painted and the aluminum will darken;
    • Do not cool hot dishes with a cold stream of water to avoid damage to the coating;
    • Do not place a hot glass lid under cold running water, as this can lead to glass destruction due to thermal shock;• when storing crockery by nesting one item into another, to avoid scratching, place a napkin or paper towel between them;
    • If there is a backlash in the handle attachment, tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

    Warranty obligations:
    The warranty for the cast aluminum body of the Classic, Induction and Discovery line cookware is 25 years from the date of sale through the retail network.
    The warranty for the coating of the dishes of the Induction and Discovery line is 3 years, the Classic line - 1 year from the date of sale through the retail network.
    The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use, impacts and falls, as well as scratches on the inside and outside of the cookware.