For partners

  • „FIDUM“, UAB invites wholesale and retail organizations in Lithuania and other European countries to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms for the wholesale sale of cast aluminum cookware with a non-stick coating.

    We provide services:
    - for the manufacture of castings by chill casting in metal molds for industrial and technical purposes for the food industry and mechanical engineering;
    - for the application and restoration of "Teflon", anti-adhesive, non-stick, anti-friction coatings on any surfaces made of aluminum, steel, cast iron.

    Main characteristics of castings:
    • accuracy up to grade 7
    • surface roughness up to Rz80• material - cast aluminum alloys
    • weight of casting up to 5 kg (casting “liquid” weight up to 7 kg)
    • overall dimensions up to 450 x 400 x 250 mm
    • allowances for machining from 1 mm

    The main area of application of "Teflon" coatings is the confectionery, bakery, meat and dairy industries. They are successfully used in the pulp and paper, chemical and other industries.
    The use of special food grade coatings excludes corrosion of metal surfaces in contact with food products, and also increases their anti-adhesive properties, i.e. eliminates stickiness of products.

    We provide services for the application of a new and restoration of the destroyed layer of "Teflon" coating on:
    • heating (welding) plates of packaging equipment;
    • drums and matrices in equipment for making dumplings;
    • forms, sheets, trays for confectionery production;
    • shafts of paper and board machines, headboxes, drying cylinders;
    • shafts and rollers of duplicating machines;
    • molds for molding plastics, rubber;
    • welding mirrors for the installation of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and more.
    In accordance with your technical assignment, we will select the optimal one-, two- or three-layer coating system from leading European manufacturers.

    You can get additional information from our managers by writing to us by e-mail or by calling +370 600 26 733.